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Mature woman looking in mirror

Do you use your weight as a self-worth measuring stick?

Weight loss is something most of us chase, whether we need to or not. We never seem to know when we look great, but we know oh so well when we’e gained a few pounds. So most of us tend to go between not feeling so bad about ourselves, to feel bad about ourselves.

Weight loss is now a multi-billon euro industry. It’s everywhere, so it’s hard to switch off and not care about it all. But it’s damaging. It’s obsessive and it can leave you ignoring the bigger issues.

If you’re obsessing constantly about what you weigh, do you think something else may be at play? Have you tied all your self-worth into what you weigh, and what clothes size you are?

When your day just becomes one big calorie counting, weighing scale, depressing day, it’s time to stop. Time to strip it all back and start again. What do you want? What are you looking for?

Figure out where you want to go. What does it take for you to get there… and then let it go.

Workout to feel good, work at eating to nourish yourself. Get loads of sleep, work at loving yourself. Enjoy your weekends, take a night off and indulge.. and then forget it! Get on with your life. Love yourself, be proud of your body, who you are, what you’ve accomplished, and the road ahead

Jessica X