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Meet Bernie


"I joined Inspire Fitness 3 years ago as I wanted to lose weight and look my best for my daughter's wedding - that was my initial goal. I started with Inspire Fitness feeling conscious and nervous as I did not know what to expect but from the very first day I felt at ease as the team was so welcoming and once you entered the doors no one judged you as were all in the same boat. I knew this was the best decision I made there and then. I haven’t looked back since.

Before starting, I was overweight, always felt tired and my arthritis was really playing up I was aching all over, even something as simple as walking was a task. I felt horrible so I knew my lifestyle had to drastically change for my well being.

Since starting the program, I have achieved everything I wanted and much more. Initially I just wanted to lose weight for my daughter’s wedding and that was it but after months of training and meeting new friends this was becoming part of my weekly routine and I was really enjoying it. I have lost 5 stone and dropped inches, I actually fit into clothes now and am proud of wearing them. Not only has training helped me physically but it has really helped me mentally. I find it has made me much more confident in myself and I believe in myself, it’s all mind over matter!

Training here has really improved my quality of life, I know it sounds drastic but it’s only now I realise how far I’ve come. I feel fitter, stronger and healthier and I have improved my levels of strength. I have reached fitness goals I didn’t think I could ever reach.

My main barrier is the pains I get in my joints due to the arthritis. I sometimes struggle with certain exercises but the team are aware of this and always adjust my program to my needs making sure I’m not injuring myself or putting myself in pain. Jessica and her team help guide and encourage me along the way.

The thing I like best about Inspire is that it’s always a small group I train with. I find this very good as it helps keep me focused and I know the trainer is getting the best out of us. I love having different trainers as they have their own twist on things and it changes up our program!

I would say give it a go, you won’t know unless you try. I would recommend Inspire Fitness to anyone thinking about losing weight or getting fit or even just for your mindset. With great coaches who are with you every step of the way you can’t go wrong. You can do it!

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Meet Cathriona


"I started because I had become very unfit and I had very little motivation to push myself back into by any form of exercise. I had always loved swimming and walking but had no interests at the time I joined Inspire. Boredom had set in with routine exercise and I know I needed a push back to reasonable fitness.

Before I wasn't exercising at all, and my energy levels were low because I was so unfit.

I actually enjoy exercising now as part of my weekly routine - hail, rain or snow!  Some weeks I relapse but seem to get back to enjoyable exercise more quickly after a lazy week.  I stirred up some old injuries but exercise actually strengthened weak muscles.

Have enjoyed every minute. Lovely way to meet up with people with similar interests.  Set some challenges and actually achieved them but most of all can now self motivate myself to exercise because I know it's the healthy option. I really enjoy the classes and never dread them.

Several old injuries seemed to pop up now and then.  Had physio sessions to relieve pain and used class to build-up the weak areas again. The trainer approach suits me best.

Keep moving and don't let the dust settle on you! It's worth it!"

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Meet Audrey


"My journey with Inspire Fitness began shortly after I had my daughter . I wasn’t feeling good about myself I had no energy, was snacking on sugar , was skipping meals and overall didn’t feel good about myself . I was walking a lot but because my diet wasn’t clean I wasn’t losing any weight or toning up . 

I saw an ad for a 21 day kickstart program at Inspire. I met with Jessica and instantly felt at ease. I knew this was the place for me. Jessica was very sympathetic towards me, she listened and identified my needs and before I knew it I'd left that day immediately feeling I finally had found the right place. I remember getting the photos taken and being really nervous about showing my body and now when I look back I can see so many positive changes.

I really wasn’t feeling great before. I had postnatal depression for a year. I was struggling to get a handle on things and had alienated people from my life as I just didn’t feel good. I didn’t want to look back and have any regrets. I wanted to be the best mother but in order to do that I had to give some time to myself and do some form of self care . I felt very lonely; I just needed direction in my life that’s why I began to look at fitness as a way forward. I refused to take medication I wanted to overcome these issues and luckily I decided that exercise was the way forward .

The results from my program are just amazing. I have never felt better mentally and physically before. My body shape has changed so much for the better it took a while to get used to these changes. The biggest change is mentally I think clearer make better choices and even if I’m having a bad day I know if I have a session I’ll feel better it’s so true you're only one workout away from feeling better!

I’m more confident now in myself , even if I experience negativity in my life my approach is so much better in how I deal with it. I feel if you work out regularly the benefits are amazing. I no longer care what people think. I would never go back to counting calories , points anything like that . I have now learned that eating clean and working out is best.

From time to time I would hit a bump in the road, before it would set me back. Nowadays I know to talk it over at Inspire, be honest say what’s happening and get the support to move on. One workout is all it takes and immediately I’m back on track , feeling good again and ready to start over !

Mostly I love the community at Inspire. 

The people are amazing it’s not a gym full of mirrors and women wearing the latest gym clothes it’s about real people on their journeys. Having a trainer that cares is so important - you need that support. The programs are so varied you never know what your going to be doing and the support is fantastic. Just knowing the trainers are there and they actually genuinely care whether you are working out and if you're doing the exercises correctly and getting the benefits of your sessions . A lot of places I tried before the trainers were on their phones and cared more about how they looked themselves !

When I began my journey I never knew I would be heading into 3 years at Inspire!

I now know that I much prefer to workout with a group of people rather than on a machine by myself. I believe we are all on a journey in life, you want to give in sometimes and it’s so easy to say I won’t make the gym. This has a knock on effect in the long run . I believe when you workout you feel good and it’s that simple it becomes a way of life and the benefits mentally and physically are amazing . I have never looked back since that day It really has changed me as a person for the better!

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Meet Yasmin (59)

"You are worth it!"

"As I'm getting older I'd read that some strengthening exercises could be good for me - I didn't realise just what a difference it can make!

Fast forward and I've lost inches, and greatly improved my strength and flexibility.

Everyone at Inspire is focused on my goals and the results that I want.

Go for it! Invest a little time and money in yourself - just 2 or 3 hours per week makes ALL the difference. And you're worth it!"

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Meet Anne Marie

"I'm really enjoying life..."

"Before Inspire I was constantly see-sawing...

Christmas would come, holidays would come, and my clothes wouldn't fit properly.

Not feeling healthy was beginning to seem 'normal', and I knew little or none of the key information that becomes vital in taking care of your body as you age... like the importance of resistance for retaining healthy muscle mass... nobody tells you this stuff!

Now I feel more confident, and it's a different actually feel it. And that naturally transfers to other areas of your life... not just here.

I'm really enjoying life right now 🙂"

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Meet Isabella

"Just jump into it!"

When Isabella first started with us, she felt tired. She wanted to get fit, to combat this, and not be tired for her kids. She’d had this goal for 5 years, before she started with us.

The top 3 things that held Isabella back from achieving her goal were time, motivation, and fear of commitment.

Isabella had tried weight watchers, and a few other things, but nothing worked. At the time Isabella enrolled, she was afraid she wouldn’t stick to it as she found it tough in the beginning.

Now, she loves it! And her favourite thing about training with us is the trainers, who understand and know what they’re doing.

Isabella overcame a lack of energy at the start, by sticking with it and giving it time. Isabella has achieved great results with us, losing 17 inches, getting fit and having loads of energy,.

This is what Isabella has to say to women like her ‘A year ago, I didn’t think I would be still here, give it a go, just jump into it!’

Meet Bernie

"The staff will give you confidence"

When Bernie first started with us, her goal was to lose 5 stone. She was really worried about her health, she had joint problems, always out of breath, but wanted to do something for herself. She had no motivation, was always tired and felt lazy, so it was a massive step for her.

Bernie had tried weight watchers, slimming world, and dieting but nothing worked for very long. Bernie wasn’t exercising when she first signed up with us, but had seen an AD on Facebook, and decided to go for it.

Before she signed up, she was scare and worried that she wouldn’t be able to do it. Bernie was worried that her weight would be an issue and she would be too unfit for everything.

Bernie has, so far, lost 50 inches with us, and has changed her life. She feels great, now loves shopping, and feels really positive about the future. What Bernie loves most about Inspire Fitness is the friends you make and for the craic 🙂

Here’s what Bernie has to say to anyone sitting on the fence ‘Don’t worry. Don’t think about it. The staff will make you feel confident, if I can do it, you can do it.’

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Meet Deirdre

"I'm fitter now than in my twenties"

When Deirdre turned 40, she realised she had lost her fitness. She was at a time in her life where she needed to take time for herself, and focus on her physical and mental well being.

I remember Deirdre when she first started, she was nervous, but ready to give it 100%. And… she proceeded to blow us all away over the coming months.

Deirdre is a huge part of the Inspire Fitness community. I can’t keep count of the amount of women that tell me how kind, supportive and motivating she is. Yet, she is like this, whether or not she personally has had a very tough day or not.

Deirdre is so inspiring, and she doesn’t know how inspiring she is. Her day is jam packed, she works so hard, she gives so much, and she still always finds the time to workout.

In Deirdre’s words… ‘I am fitter now then when I was in my 20’s. My confidence in myself is back. I have lost 20 inches and dropped two dress sizes’

Deirdre loves the ‘variety, the challenges, the humour, the friendliness, and the empathy’

To anyone thinking about starting, Deirdre wants to say this: ’Do it, you won’t regret joining, you will regret not trying’.

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Meet Joanna

Busy mum

Joanna started with us not feeling happy or confident. She couldn't fit into her clothes and was over weight after having a c-section. Joanna couldn't fit into her clothes, she was hitting 40, and feeling frustrated.

Since starting with us, a few years ago, Joanna has lost weight everywhere. 'I'm thinner, my fitness and balance has improved, and my overall well-being. I love the motivation, the trainers guide you and that keeps you going, you can get really into it.

Here's what Joanna has to say to anyone on the fence 'You have to try it before you make your decision'

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Meet Tess

"If you're afraid, don't be - it's safe here..."

"Before Inspire I hadn't looked in a full length mirror in two and a half years! I never even looked at MY wedding photos because I felt I looked so fat in them.

Every day was negative self-talk. I knew something had to give.

Inspire has changed my life. We've bought a full-length mirror which I use every day 🙂

Everything is just better. My husband and I now eat dinner together - that's changed a lot for me.

Another huge part is that I feel more capable, more confident, and I can somehow just take things in my stride more than ever before.

Inspire is so super non-judgmental - it just feels so supportive. When you're doing this on your own it can be so easy to give up.

If fear is holding you back, don't let it - throw yourself in. It gets easier. If cost is an issue, you'll save so much money not having to buy bigger clothes! If you're afraid of taking a chance on Inspire, don't be - it's safe here :-)"

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Meet Anne

"I've finally learned to ditch the scales!"

"Before Inspire I just didn't feel like myself. I was unfit and suffered from sciatica and back pain. I weighed myself too often, and hated putting on clothes to go to a function. I felt things were a constant struggle.

Since joining, I've lost inches, but also gained strength, fitness, eat more healthily, and I've finally learned to ditch the scales!

I'm much happier, more content, and can challenge myself more than I ever thought - I even run 5ks!

For me , I love the guidance, goal-setting, and the 'good craic' we have in - and out - of the studio.

I would recommend Inspire to anyone without hesitation or reservation. Do it!"

Meet Paula

"Best decision I've ever made..."

"I was at the end of my tether and needed to change ASAP.

OMG Where do I start?? My whole life has changed...

Not just fitness - in over 9 months I’ve lost loads of inches - nearly two stone.

I’ve gained so much confidence, managed to change job, and I am so happy.

I’ve never had the same session twice. Time flies - the program is tough but so enjoyable.

Take the leap of faith and pick up the phone. I was sitting in fear for over a year I just wish I had called sooner. Best decision I’ve ever made"

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Member with punchbag

Meet Cathriona

"This is it! Make the most of every minute."

"I felt very unfit and decided to take getting fit seriously with the help of a mentor/trainer.

I’ve never missed a session! I’ve got an established routine and it helps me focus on important things, while releasing that stress ‘build up’ at the same time.

I just wouldn’t train without a trainer, the support and guidance.

Give it a go, stop holding yourself back. Nothing ventured nothing gained.

This is IT! Make the most of every minute!"

Meet Sharon

"No restrictions, just healthy balance"

"I was getting married and I wanted to be in the best shape I could, and to feel good on my wedding day... like every bride I suppose.

My fitness has drastically improved, and I'm down two dress sizes.

But more than that, my attitude toward fitness and diet has completely changed and I'm a much more positive person.

I loved that there were no restrictions and the focus was on healthy balance.

My advice to anyone considering Inspire would be to definitely give it a go - you'll probably surprise yourself!"

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Meet Eimear

Restaurant Manager

''I had gotten out of shape and wasn't fit. I wanted to tone up and feel good again. Since I started I've completed a 10k and 5k!

I've done lots of cycling, and am in great shape! I've lost inches everywhere too. I do 3 sessions per week and I love it. I love the motivation.

I love the family element to Inspire Fitness. There's great motivation and the community are so lovely. Just get in here, come on down, try it out, you won't regret it'

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Mary Ann

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Munira & Asma

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Marie, our Member of the Month for July 2018

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Connie, our Member of the Month for May 2018

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Meet Angela

Busy mum

Angela felt really frustrated when we first met her at the consultation. She didn’t see herself in the mirror, and had been feeling really down about how she felt she looked, for about two years.

The two things that held her back from fixing this problem, was constantly putting herself last, and feeling guilty about spending money on herself.

Angela had tried weight watchers, and every other thing out there. She felt like she had tried it all. We kept popping up on her newsfeed, and after watching a video testimonial from one of our members, she decided to take plunge, and book in for a free consultation.

At the time she enrolled, Angela wasn’t working out. She felt ‘horrible, rotten, and really unfit’.

How much things have changed….

So far Angela has lost 13 inches, feels really good, fits into her old clothes, doesn’t get stressed out as much, and is so much more relaxed. Angela has completely transformed in every way and is loving life again!

Here’s what Angela has to say to anyone on the fence 'Just do it! Make time for yourself. You’ll see the benefits so fast- mental and physical.’

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Meet Suzanne

Business Owner, Mother of three

"I started the program because I spent all my time working or looking after my children. I was exhausted all of the time, no energy, so I needed to do something to change my life.

Since I started the program I am a completely different person. I am more productive at work and have great quality time with my children now that I have more energy. I have lost many inches and have improved muscle tone. I have a new addiction in getting as fit as I possibly can.

The thing I like most about it is that it's fun. Trainers work me hard and always push me to the last. I know I moan a lot! But I love it really!!!

If I knew somebody who was on the fence about joining, I'd say Just do it. Life is short, live it as fit as you can be."

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Meet Karen

What made you decide you wanted/needed to start a program?

"I started the program because I was not happy with how out of shape I had become. I had just spent a period of time get swamped with work, constantly feeling tired, and never having time for any exercise. Less and less of my clothes were fitting me, as my weight just crept up, my fitness just went down, and my blood pressure was not where it should have been either. In truth I was overwhelmed by the challenge of getting back in shape. Yet I knew I had to do something, or I was heading for bigger problems."

"I am in my 9th week, and my overall health has improved dramatically. I have built a brilliant baseline of fitness, that makes so many activities more enjoyable. My skin has improved, my blood pressure is normal, and I have lost a total of 21 inches. I am about to do The Great Adventure Race, and whilst it will be a major challenge for me, I have no doubt that I have the stamina for it. Friends and family see a dramatic change in me, and it's fair to say that there is a big confidence boost in feeling energetic and looking well."

"The thing I most like about having a trainer is that there is no comparison in going to a gym with maybe one session where a trainer comes up with a programme and leaves you to your own devices, and having the support of a personal trainer for 3 sessions per week. The consistent challenge to push your body safely beyond its comfort zone, really yields results. I have gained so much flexibility, so much more power, and I have burnt off a lot of fat. There are moments when it is really tough, but after the first week, the recovery comes really quickly, and it feels great."

"To anyone thinking about this as an option for them, I think this is such a good investment to make in yourself. You really can have a radical transformation in quite a short time, and whatever support you need is available to you. Having appointments that tie in with your life, and responsibilities will keep you on track. In fact the transforming starts much earlier, but having the chance to really bed down good habits, build goals and succeed with challenges, which 12 weeks allows, sets this programme apart. "

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Meet Astrid

"Small goals will bring you to your goal"

Astrid initially signed up with us to get fit and lose weight. Astrid was getting concerned about her health and getting older and had been wanting to make a change to her life, for more than a year before she started with us. A lack of motivation and feeling lazy held Astrid back from coming to us sooner. Having tried gyms and various other programs and not gotten any results, Astrid decided to go for it, and requested a consultation at Inspire Fitness.

Since starting with us, Astrid has lost inches. Not only that she feels good about the future. The best thing Astrid likes about working with us is that she knows we have her back. Here’s what Astrid has to say to anyone scared about joining ‘Take every day at a time. Small goals will bring you to your goal. Just do it, don’t think about it’

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Meet Colette

Colette was our Client of the Month for July 2016

We all met Colette in January, and since then she has transformed in front of our eyes. Every so often you meet someone who had a huge impact on you, and Colette is one of those women. We are so so so proud of her, and how much she has changed. This is what Fran and Jason have to say about her:

Fran: "She is working very hard at sessions, keeps a regular food diary and doing great. Since she has started she has lost an amazing amount of weight. This is well deserved!"

Jason: "[Colette is] ..extremely hard working, has improved in every respect, lost inches, increased flexibility and strength. She never takes the easier option and if she says she will do an extra session at home, she does it. An absolute pleasure to work with."

Well done Colette!

Meet Geraldine

Geraldine lost over 8 inches & lowered her cholesterol.

"I have to say that even though it feels like torture at times, I really look forward to and enjoy my 3 sessions every week. I feel so much healthier both physically and mentally. Thanks a million Jessica and all the Inspire Fitness Team."

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Meet Fiona

Fiona has come a long way!

Fiona’s goal, when we first met her, was to lose 30 pounds, get fit, healthy and to challenge herself.

She was frustrated with her lifestyle, and wasn’t looking after herself. She had a lack of motivation and no self-belief. On top of that, Fiona had tried various things before like weight watchers, slimming world and various gyms.

When she started the program with us, she was very unsure if she could do it, as she was lacking in self-belief and confidence.

At the start of the program, she faced the challenge of time management and getting organised, but once she overcame that, Fiona started to see all the amazing stuff that was happening.

So far Fiona has lost 9.5 inches, her mindset has changed, and she’s gotten rid of the negativity in her life

Fiona loves the different styles the trainers have, and the motivation and support the team provides. This is what Fiona has to say to anyone afraid of starting: ‘Look how far I have come, I didn’t believe that I’d be able to do it’. Don’t be afraid, just do it!’

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Meet Rachel

"Set your mind and you will do it!"

When Rachel first started with us, she wanted to increase her fitness level, so she could get into running, feel healthy and confident in herself again.

A lack of knowledge around nutrition, and a lack of self-confidence was holding Rachel back from achieving what she wanted to. Having tried gyms, for about a year and a half, prior to starting with us, she was ready for a change and ready to feel confident in herself again.

Rachel has achieved so much with us but the biggest thing she has achieved is her confidence. She loves the confidence you gain in every day life, from achieving so much here at Inspire Fitness. Rachel loves the fact that it's women only, and is now educated around nutrition, to be able to maintain what she has achieved.

Here's what Rachel has to say to anyone on the fence 'The gym is a good way to start, but you won't find out how to maintain. You need someone to teach you. Get the right fit! Set your mind and you will do it!''

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Meet Arlene

"'s about how you feel."

When we met Arlene, her main goal was to lose weight, and tone up for her wedding day. She wanted to look great for the photos and feel comfortable in her own skin. The barriers that had been holding her back form starting earlier, was that she was so busy finishing a thesis, she was just so worried about finding the time.

She was also afraid of failing, as she felt she had, so many times in the past, when it came to weight loss.

Arlene had tried restricting calories and the gym before starting with us, finding that neither was working for her, or producing results. What prompted Arlene to seek us out was that she needed more structure, and needed to learn about nutrition, and proper technique and exercises.

Arlene has had a major breakthrough since starting with us. Not only did she achieve her goal for her wedding, but the single, most exciting thing, is that Arlene has changed, and now loves working out. Arlene deals with stress completely differently now, and is a much happier person, now with exercise in her life. It has been amazing to watch her grow and develop.

Arlene has since lost 20 inches, two dress sizes and feels amazing.

The biggest thing Arlene likes about us, is that we challenge her to what we know what she’s capable of, so she gets the most out of everything, and the fact that it’s women only.

Here’s what Arlene has to say to anyone sitting on the fence ‘Go in, have a consultation. Don’t think too much, just do it. Give yourself that time. It’s not about only losing weight, it’s about how you feel.

Meet Anne

Anne lost an incredible 45lbs and improved her life in almost every way.

"I started training with Jessica and her team almost two years ago after I was refused to do a skydive as I was over 16 stone in weight. That was the kick start I needed to seriously re-evaluate my lifestyle. Not only did I lose a considerable amount of weight but the team also helped me develop a whole new attitude to food and exercise.

I genuinely feel a lot happier and healthier in myself than I ever have before. I have surprised myself time and time again with what I can do and how strong I have become through Jessica’s training, guidance and constant motivation. I have gone from someone struggling with a flight of stairs to running regularly, including two half marathons last year. I am really looking forward to continuing on the journey to a fitter, healthier and stronger me and cannot wait to achieve my next big goals."

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Meet Rosemary

"...amazing things started to happen."

Rosemary started with Inspire Fitness because she wanted to lose weight, get fit, and build healthy habits.

A lack of motivation and a lack of accountability had being holding her back, to achieve her goals on her own.

She struggled with yo-yo dieting for years, was calorie counting, and had tried various gyms.

When she started with us, she was scared of change, and was concerned that there would have to be a big change in diet.

At the beginning, Rosemary found it difficult to remember to keep a food diary, and she found it challenging to adopt some of the healthy habits in our program.

But once she got past the first few weeks, amazing things started to happen.

Rosemary has lost an incredible 9.5 inches with us so far, and has increased her confidence.

Here’s what Rosemary has to say to anyone who was in her shoes, before she started:

"Come in, it’ll change your outlook on everything. The atmosphere is great, the online community is a big help, time flies when you’re working out - definitely do it, it has changed everything for me."

Meet Denise

Denise lost over 8 inches & lowered her cholesterol.

"Just home from workout to find the best message on my phone. My cholesterol is down from 7.4 to 5.2 with a raised good cholesterol. So there you have it, all the hard work has paid off in every way. Yay!"

Denise is a wonderful client and thoroughly deserved to win our December Client of the Month. She always gives 100%, and our trainers say 'she is not afraid to reach new levels and push forward'. Denise you are inspirational, motivational and we're so so proud of you. Your diet is spot on and you look AMAZING. You've achieved your goals and you've done it with a smile on your face...Well done!!!  You have lost a total of 8.5 inches and lowered your cholesterol in the process.

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Meet Rebecca

"Don't be afraid! It's worth it."

Rebecca initially started with us to increase her fitness and drop 5 inches. She didn’t feel confident with her current fitness levels and was concerned that when she went out to workout with her friends, she wouldn’t be able to keep up.

She was afraid of trying something new, and didn’t know where to start. She was also very concerned that she wouldn’t find the time to commit to a fitness program.

Before Rebecca joined Inspire Fitness, she had tried classes, mostly pilates and kettlebells, But as there was no accountability, she found it hard to stick to anything, and was right back to square one.

She has, to date, lost 15.5 inches and increased her fitness levels beyond her expectations. She has become more confident in herself, now knowing, if she puts her mind to something, she’ll achieve it.

What Rebecca loves most about Inspire Fitness is the community, never feeling embarrassed, always being encouraged and pushed to hit her goals. It wasn’t all plain sailing, Rebecca has struggled with her diet, but once she started practicing mindful eating, and finally made the decision between unhealthy food or healthy lifestyle, she hasn’t looked back.

Rebecca is a much loved and valued member of this community and we’re so proud of her and everything she has accomplished.

Here’s what Rebecca has to say ‘Just do it, don’t be afraid, it’s worth it!’

Meet Marta

"No one ever judges, only inspires"

Marta came to us very unhappy.

She was very unhappy in her own skin, she felt very unfit and had gained about 15 kilos. The weight hard crept on slowly, year after year, and was really getting her down. She didn't feel like herself anymore, she was frustrated and uncomfortable in her clothes.

Marta wanted to look better and feel better. She was also worried about her future health, and wanted to change the direction she was headed in.

Marta’s fitness levels were so low, she found it very tough to play with her dog, and really struggled to do simple, daily task. She had no motivation and was worried she wouldn’t be fit enough to start our program.

Not being able to do simple daily tasks was a big wake up call for Marta, and was what prompted her to seek us out.

Marta signed up to our program, scared and with low self-confidence.

She found the first month very tough at Inspire Fitness, and struggled with the nutrition part of the program. Her eating habits had been so bad, it was a real struggle to ingrain new, healthier habits. She also was very tired the first month, as her body got used to the exercise.

It was a game changer for Marta, when she had a mindset shift, and understood the importance of choice. With the support of Inspire Fitness, Marta began to choose achieving her goal, over making bad food choices, and slowly but surely, started improving her food choices and sticking to the plan a little better.

Once Marta overcame those struggles, with the help of the team, she didn't look back!

Marta has so far lost 3 dress sizes with Inspire Fitness, she feels stronger, and now feels she can do anything she puts her mind to. Her confidence has soared, she feels more confident in every aspect of life. She finds it easier to deal with people and is flying it at work. We're so proud of her, she has come so far on her journey, and has changed her life.

What Marta loves most about Inspire Fitness is that no one ever judges her. ‘No one ever judges, only inspires’.

Here’s what Marta has to say to anyone who wants to starts, but is scared:

‘If you don’t trust yourself to do it, get someone else to help you do it.’

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Meet Caitriona

"There's no going back"

Caitriona started with us because she wanted to lose weight, improve her health and change her life around.

Her blood pressure was so high, she was in a high risk category for a heart attack. Her doctor told her to lose the weight or be on medication for the rest of her life. For about a year and a half, Caitriona thought about it and then decided to do something about it.

What held Caitriona back initially from joining us, was that she was suffering from depression. She’d been through a really bad break up, and needed help.

Caitriona came across us on Facebook, and decided to book in for a consultation.

She knew she needed a support system, with trainers that would support her and hold her accountable. She wanted to get into a healthy routine and be held accountable to the goals she set.

Catriona found it a challenge to start off with. Her relationship with food and alcohol was unhealthy, and she was still living a bad lifestyle.

Through support, education, and working on mindset, she started to change.

Caitriona has so far lost 4 stone, improved her fitness, and has changed her mindset, lifestyle and relationship with food.

Here’s what Caitriona has to say to anyone, who is feeling the same as she used to. ‘Until you get the mindset to do it yourself, get help to change you mindset around food and working out. Once you have that, there is no going back’

Meet Attracta

"Just do it!"

"I started the program to get fit and lose weight. Since starting the program I've had brilliant results - I've had a total loss of 14 inches so far in 2 months.

I love all the girls, it's so flexible and I get GREAT support from all the team.

For somebody thinking about this, I'd say, just do it!"

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Meet Stephanie

Stephanie lost 43lbs - "It feels wonderful!"

"Jessica Cooke and her team, gave me the tools I needed to help me lose weight and get fit. We all know that the principals of weight loss are relatively straight forward. Eat less and move more. But unfortunately its not that easy!

One of the most beneficial aspects of the programme I found was the advice and support from Jessica and co. She was always there to answer questions or give tips.

Another important aspect was the sense of an online community… Being able to post questions directly to Jessica or have online discussions with other clients was really helpful and also motivating. There was always new content appearing on the site and forums. The meal planner really helped me become more mindful of what I was eating and ultimately accountable to myself. I loved looking at the recipe ideas section and trying them out! I saw my body change, become stronger and fitter. As well as my attitude towards food.

Weight loss isn't easy. Sometimes it can even feel a bit lonely. But for the first time in years I'm actually succeeding at it. And it feels wonderful. I can't recommend Jessica Cooke enough."

Meet Stacey

Stacey waited for 5 years before taking action.

What made you decide you wanted/needed to start a program?

Stacey was always a size 12 wanted to be a size 10. She didn’t do any exercise and ate food all the time. It wasn't ling before she became a size 14, not fitting into one of her clothes. It was time to do something.

After joining Inspire Fitness, Stacey lost 8 inches in the first four weeks. Now in week 7 and fitting into so many clothes that she had tucked away in the back of her wardrobe.

"My mind is so much clearer and I feel more determined to achieve things in life."

"I was always afraid to walk in the door of anywhere to do with exercise. I have been made feel so welcome by all the girls and they make me feel clearer… and I feel more determined to achieve things in life. "

"Definitely do it. I hid away for about 5 years saying I would never be able to do it. The girls let you take it all at your own level encourage you to push yourself. It’s a great decision. I have made to improve my whole life- all aspects of it…. DO IT!!! "

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Meet Áine

"It has certainly been a boost to the morale!"

"Thanks for you vote of confidence in me! It is certainly a boost to the morale! I have to say I really enjoy my 2 classes each week, It is great that no 2 classes are exactly the same, so it never becomes tedious or monotonous!"

"I am thrilled to have lost weight/toned up. It's coming off slowly but surely. At my age I'm not looking for a quick fix weight loss, so your programme suits me perfectly. My energy levels are much better than they were 3 months ago and I have to admit I am now more aware of what the healthy food options are!"

"Thanks to all the team and I look forward to more 'torture' over the coming weeks!!"

"Bring it on!!!"

Meet Kathleen

Kathleen lost 16 pounds

What made you decide you wanted/needed to start a program?

"I was fed up being overweight and unhealthy. My BMI was over 30 which meant I was obese. My lifestyle was putting my health at risk. The way I looked was getting to me. I never really enjoyed going shopping...more of a chore than pleasure. Finding nice clothes that fitted correctly was difficult. My clothes were getting tighter. My diet was so unhealthy, crisps and chocolate were my snacks, takeaways once or twice a week were becoming a regular thing for dinner. I had lost all concept of what I should be eating instead I ate what I wanted to eat. I wanted to become fitter and tone up. I wanted to have more energy and live a better lifestyle. I wanted to feel good about myself instead of looking in the mirror looking and feeling overweight."

What results have you achieved since starting your program?

"I have lost 16 pounds within seven weeks. I am toning up. My fitness levels are improving, and I enjoy going to each class. My mindset has totally changed. When I look now at junk food I think a) how hard I have worked so far to get were I am and b) how hard I will have to work just to burn the calories the junk really worth it??"

What do you like best about our program/having a trainer?

"Having the support and guidance that your trainer offers. You get advice on nutrition and fitness which suits your personal needs. No two classes are the same which is great. I find it good that you have someone there pushing you and making you believe you can do it. The flexibility which is offered for classes really suits a shift pattern worker. This was an obstacle that I found in the past, I couldn't commit myself to set days/times each week as my working week varied each week."

What would you say to someone on the fence about joining our program?

"Face your fear and just do it, you have nothing to lose except weight and inches. See this program as an investment for your future....healthy you, brighter healthier future. For me the first couple of weeks were the toughest, getting to grips with the workouts and recipes but now seven weeks on its a way of life, you do have your tough days at times but with the help and support from the trainers you can do it."

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Meet Sinéad

Sinéad asked us to help her prepare for Her Big Day and here's what she's had to say about her experience so far. »

Meet Kate

Kate has been training with Inspire Fitness for over 2 years - here's what she's got to say about her experience with us. »

Meet Clodagh

Clodagh said goodbye to her baby weight.

What made you decide you wanted/needed to start a program?

"My baby was 7 weeks old and after a difficult third pregnancy, I was very keen to get my strength and energy back and to loose the extra pounds."

What results have you achieved since starting your program?

"In 8 weeks I have dropped close to a stone, can fit into most of my pre-pregnancy clothes, energy levels have increased while my crazy sugar cravings have decreased. The vicious circle of eating junk for a quick energy fix has finally been broken! I am much more aware of my food choices."

What do you like best about our program/having a trainer?

"I am motivated by the short monthly periods instead of an endless road out ahead. I find it more achievable to track my results this way and to want to keep going. The treats meals break up the week!!"

What would you say to someone on the fence about joining our program?

"Jump in! A room full of like-minded females plus a training team of cheerleaders at the ready to help will get you the results faster than going it alone."

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Meet Tina

Tina lost over 2 stone with 5 inches from her tummy

What made you decide you wanted/needed to start a program?

"I started the program as I was sick of being unfit and overweight, I'm getting married at the end of the year and didn't want to look back on the day and regret how I looked."

What results have you achieved since starting your program?

"I have achieved unbelievable results since I started the program. Not only have I lost over 2 stone in weight, I'm much fitter and healthier than I was. I have more energy and feel like I could do anything now."

What do you like best about our program/having a trainer?

"I loved PT as you had one to one sessions with your trainer. You could discuss anything at the sessions, what was working for you what was not, food plans, training sessions and any questions i had during the week we all answered here and that is such a help when you're starting out as it motivates you so much and the trainer gives you so much confidence in yourself."

What would you say to someone on the fence about joining our program?

"I would highly recommend the program. Not only will you see results in your body but it gives you so much more. I have gained in fitness levels, enery levels and more importantly I have accomplished something great and have a new found confidence in myself."

Meet Alice

Alice lost 8 inches

What made you decide you wanted/needed to start a program?

"I had been trying to lose weight and tone up for a few months but I felt I was lacking motivation along with correct knowledge about foods and exercises, I had seen online before and after photos from previous clients and felt bootcamp would be a step in the right direction"

What results have you achieved since starting your program?

"I was amazed at my results within completing the four weeks of bootcamp I managed to shift the bulk the weight I was carrying along with feeling much fitter and overall happier and more confident. "

What do you like best about our program/having a trainer?

"There was no diet it was just good healthy eating and regular exercise, this meant once the bootcamp was over I was able to maintain my results using all I had learned, as well as Jessica being on hand if I had any queries or questions."

What would you say to someone on the fence about joining our program?

"I would 100% recommend it, it's a kick start to a more healthier and happier lifestyle and gives you the motivation and knowledge to achieve your goals"

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“I started not very fit, but by the end of the 6 weeks I noticed a huge difference, both in my fitness levels and my clothes. It gave me the motivation I needed to kick-start my fitness and push myself to do more. I also changed my food habits as I became more aware of what I was eating. I was very happy with the personal training and the results I received.”

Ann. G

“I lost inches, toned up and now have a healthy diet... I would highly recommend the PT course, you will really see the end results. The once a week PT session was great. Learnt of great healthy eating plans that I hope will stay with me forever. Jessica is a great motivator and she really does push you to the limit. Her weekly classes are varied and nothing is boring. Her encouragement and enthusisam is outstanding. Thank you for putting me on the right track :)”

M. McFadden

“I liked most that each training session was different and I learnt a new way of mixing up my own exercising sessions. Also I liked that Jessica took such an interest in your progress each week and made sure I didn't veer off course.”

Sarah, 27

“Every training session was different I never knew what was going to come next, which really kept me interested. I found the contact fantastic especially the text after training and on a friday before the weekend. I got great encouragement from Jessica.”


“Jessica was always so positive and motivating. I am more motivated to exercise now and I can see the benefits and results which make me want to keep it up!”

Fiona Burke

“The day I went to see Jessica in Barna I never thought in a million years I could come so far. I used to eat sweets and chocolate all day and never work out. With her help and encouragement I have not only changed my way of living but improved my family's eating habits as well. I know I have so far to go but I feel fitter, stronger and more importantly healthier. It's not easy, it's tough work but with results like this it's so worth it.

The best part so far has been seeing how my body has changed, I run now and can do things in the classes I never imagined before. I know this wouldn't have been possible without all the trainers' help.”

Deirdre C.

“Jessica's slogan is 'surprise yourself', which is so accurate. I have completely surprised myself in 9 months. I am fitter than I have ever been, I have lost 1 stone 2lbs and am a different shape in clothes. I would highly recommend investing in your appearance and long term health by joining forces with Jessica. It isn't easy but it's so worth it.”


“Prior to starting my 6 week program with Jessica, I attempted, on many, many, many occasions to tone up & get fit. Jessica showed me that by exercising hard 3 - 4 times a week you really can achieve your goal and enjoy it as well. The treat day is brill, it gives you the motivation to keep on going. This is only the start. Thanks Jessica :-)”

Caroline J.

“I would highly recommend Jessica Cooke Personal Training to anyone. Both the personal training sessions and classes are excellent and cater for all levels of fitness. Jessica takes the time to get to know the individual, sets agreed and achievable goals and gives excellent advice on necessary lifestyle changes outside the classes. I would also say that Jessica is excellent value for money.”

Roisín McS.

“I loved the fact that it was varied and if I found it any way easy a new challenge was always put in front of me. I loved also that we talked about my eating and how to change it. I got plenty of interesting articles and plenty of encouragement.”

AnnMarie M.

“[I have]... almost a stone lost. Definite change in body shape... I loved the variety, not spending too long on any one thing, feeling like I have really been pushed. ”

A. Kelly

“I'm now six weeks into a programme that I can easily follow. My fitness has really improved, and I intend to keep the routine up to get fitter and to tone up. I liked being pushed further than I might have if I was training on my own, but I knew that with a PT a safe level of exertion was being achieved. I also really liked the variety of cardio/weights in the sessions.”

C. Lane

“I thoroughly enjoy Jessica's workouts as she works every single muscle in your body, even the ones you didn't know you had!”

Helen C.

“I attended PT with Jessica. I found her brilliant at building up my fitness levels which were non-existant. Each class was varied and concentrated on different body parts. Jessica's classes gave me a motivation for exercise that I never really had! Jessica is motivating and was able to get the best out of me. I noticed a huge change in my body after only 6 weeks. It's great value for money and I'll definetely be back for more.”

S. C.

“Really enjoyed my 1-to-1 P.T. sessions with Jessica - I'm now able to run 5k and feel healthy and fit. Jessica has a genuine interest in each person to meet their outcome.”

Máirín B.

“I really enjoyed my sessions with Jessica and PT sessions with her combined with classes was just great to get all the workouts in! THE main point to say about all that I achieved in terms of a new healthy lifestyle is that I don't think I could have done it without her and she really gave me the kick start I needed and now I can do it on my own ~ my life has truly changed for the better now I'm so happy I really can't recommend her enough!”

Eimear D.

“Before I started personal training with Jessica I was a size 16 - going on 18. With her help I have managed to slim down to a size 14. That's all within 4 months. I look and feel fantastic. She is a great motivator and does a brilliant work out. Her classes vary from boxercise to circuit training and she always varies her workouts. She also gives great advice regarding your diet. I never dreamed I would reach this stage, I am now looking forward to fitting into a size 12 for the summer. Thank you so much, couldn't have done it without you.”

E. Glynn 

“The pace of the workouts really suited me and I was able to continue the training that I learned in the session in my own workouts during the week. I also really liked the constant communication via txt and email to keep me motivated. Jessica offers many different activites ... so I was always kept interested.”

Lorna, 36 

“Jessica's knowledge of exercises is limitless. Every question I had she was able to answer and after every session Jessica provided me with detailed information on nutrition, exercise and weight training. She continually pushed me to excel and try new exercises. Jessica listened to what my goals were and helped me gain knowledge of how to reach those goals. She did not create an exercise program that she thought I should follow. Rather, based on my goals and my time availability, she create a well-rounded group of cardio, weight training and core exercises that I could mix and match at my liking. No other personal trainer that I have worked with has every been more keen to help me gain knowledge about fitness so that I could meet my goals.”

Jill, 32

“I'm finally getting up and exercising. I've only been back 2 weeks and I already feel a difference in my arms and stomach.”

Roisín King

“I'm now six weeks into a programme that I can easily follow. My fitness has really improved, and I intend to keep the routine up to get fitter and to tone up. I liked being pushed further than I might have if I was training on my own, but I knew that with a PT a safe level of exertion was being achieved. I also really liked the variety of cardio/weights in the sessions.”

D. Dowling

“I thoroughly enjoy Jessica's workouts as she works every single muscle in your body, even the ones you didn't know you had!”

Helen C.

“Jessica's Personal Training was just what I needed to get myself motivated to start working out. Her classes and PT sessions are energetic and fun as well as being a tough work-out. I highly recommend Jessica to anyone starting out on a fitness programme.”

A. C.

“I was so delighted to have met Jessica she did so much for my confidence and I feel so great about my body now... I feel that this training with her has helped me in so many ways and I know that I will be telling a lot of people about her. The girl that I rent a house with loves her website pages and the way she quotes poems and the way that she involves herself in her work. She is brilliant - thank you!”

E. M.

“No two sessions were ever the same which meant I couldn't get complacent. I also liked that I was pushed hard and always felt a great achievement after the sessions.”

C. W.

“I liked having a mix of classes, but I think I enjoyed boxing the most. I particularly like the way the content of classes are varied. Most of all, the personal encouragement through occasional comments and follow-up texts and emails made all the difference!”

Sarah, 28

“I looked forward to each session with Jessica. She motivated me and her enthusiasm for training and maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle was infectious.

I appreciated the ongoing contact via emails, which provided further information and encouragement to continue with a programme of exercise and healthy living. The detailed written descriptions of exercises practiced were also valuable for consolidating PT sessions.”

Kate C. 

“Since joining Jessica's bootcamp classes in March I have noticed a huge increase in my overall fitness and muscle tone, particularly when it comes to working out in the pool, my stamina and strength in lane swimming has greatly increased....thanks Jessica!”

C.J. Hannon 

“[Jessica is] very motivating and was able to push me without intimidating me. I felt challenged every week and I really had to work hard but she never made me feel inadequate or uncomfortable... [The] program had lots of variety so I never really felt that something was missing.”

Emily S., 29 

“She is an inspiration, very professional and a great motivator. Can't believe how much I have improved fitness-wise.”

Louisa, 29 

“Working with Jessica has been the most enjoyable training experience I have ever had. She is the most encouraging and motivating trainer I have worked with. She is enthusiastic and makes every session an enjoyable challenge, I never want to miss them. I am tired at the end of each session but I know the effort is well worth it!”

Maren, 24

“Already I feel like I am more streamlined, which of course improves how I feel about myself... no [session] was ever the same, which kept me interested. It wasn't boring like as if you were running on your own. You had someone there taking you through all the steps. Helping you along and pushing you to be better than you were the week before.

I thought the content was fantastic. I still have it all. I especially found Jessica's own exercise plans, schedules and weight guidelines brilliant. I received a lot of emails and everything was covered in them. I loved the aerobics/fitcamp classes. I went home feeling a lot better after them.” -

Laura B.

“Not only have I lost weight and become stronger, I feel I have been educated in the background to training and nutrition. As an engineer, I find I need to understand why things work and Jessica was great at explaining the reasons.”


“Her one-to-one sessions had great variety and she knows how to push you without being forceful! Having scheduled a session I had to go, always good for me! The group classes have a good buzz about them, and are very friendly.”

S. Moore

“I feel so much fitter and happier and am quite easily exercising 3 to 4 times per week. I am eating so much healthier and I have lost 1 stone and 8 pounds, 4 inches off my hips and 3 inches off my waist as a result. I loved how each and every training session varied and how new elements were added constantly and that I felt like I was being pushed equally as hard in the last session as in the first session even though I had become fitter. The constant positive motivation and guidance helped me immensely also.”

Gráinne NíG.

“Jess always tried to do what you enjoyed, always gave positive feedback and encouragement, and pushed you.”

Jess Gavin

“I was so delighted to have met Jessica she did so much for my confidence and I feel so great about my body now... I feel that this training with her has helped me in so many ways and I know that I will be telling a lot of people about her. The girl that I rent a house with loves her website pages and the way she quotes poems and the way that she involves herself in her work. She is brilliant - thank you!”

E. M.

“It was a love/hate thing! I'd never push myself as much as Jessica pushes me. So it's good from the point of view that I make more progress, but it's tough.”

S. Burke

“I found it very motivating. Jessica is full of realistic encouragement. I also enjoyed the variation of exercises and sessions... no 2 sessions were completely the same.”

Louise, 32