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What to do when your jeans aren’t fitting.

I know the feeling. I used to binge eat, weigh myself, weigh my food, jaysus, my whole day revolved around what I weighed and what I ate.

I’m fixed now.

And I’m here to spread the message that WEIGHING yourself, and counting calories don’t work.

It’s the long, boring, hard road to failure.

It doesn’t work. And that’s why FADS make so much money, because they DON’T work. i.e. you don’t keep the weight off. It comes back on, so you buy again.

If you’re currently at a place where you’re obsessing and unhappy, you can change this instantly.

I’ve seen it happen to our members at Inspire Fitness all the time, and it can happen to you too.

Here’s some really basic rules to follow and I promise you, if you follow, you’ll get results, give up obsessing, and never have to weight yourself again:

Monday – Friday:

Drink 2 litres of water; ✅

Eat protein at most meals; ✅

Avoid carbs for your last meal; ✅

Eat 3 meals & 2 snacks; ✅

Workout 3 times per week; ✅

Go to bed by 10:30pm LATEST; ✅

Journal every day; ✅

Avoid late night snacking; ✅

Eat unlimited amounts of non-starchy vegetables; ✅

Eat soup when hungry; ✅

Eat soup late at night if you’re about to reach for biscuits; ✅

Take a night off every week; ✅

Give up the weighing scales and judge by clothes;  ✅

Don’t weigh food or calorie count… just eat healthy! ✅

Know that results take time; ✅

Jessica X

P.S Hope this helps!