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Why I hate Weight Loss/Slimming Clubs and why you should too

While writing an article about all the reasons I hate weight loss clubs, I got really annoyed with them again. I find it actually hard to go on to their websites and not get really, really angry.

I mean WTF, its a place for people to go to be OBSESSIVE about food, and for it to be NORMALISED to be like that.

Obsessing over recipes, which restaurants to eat, which foods have higher smart points than others. OK, so a portion of chicken has 3 smart Points, and Ice cream has 7, I mean COME ON. We know all this. We know how to eat well, and healthy.

The issue lies in the reasons WHY people eat unhealthy. But they have the f**king knowledge. So why not try to fix the problem? Everyone knows how to eat well, and the problem is just compounded by making them feel that it’s OK and normal to obsess over food.

Do you want forever to talk about the same things, and let this sh** occupy your brain space? To try and find a guilt-free cheesecake? A syn-free mars bar??? I mean COME ON. Where is the sense in all of this?

And before anyone gives out to me for not understanding weight loss, I do understand. I was there myself for years, and it was only when I let go of  these SHACKLES, did I start to enjoy food, like you should. And not view it as a punishment/reward stick.

Get off the horrible rollercoaster of counting and weighing everything you eat. You do not need this in your life,

Jessica X

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