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Change the reason why you workout and stop the yo-yo

When you workout to lose weight for an event, like a wedding, you’re never going to stay fitting into the same jeans size, for a consistent length of time.

Yo-yo ing is so annoying and such a waster of you precious time! Don’t you just want to get to a weight and stay there?

Yes you can follow a diet plan, yes you know in the past you can workout, but what’s the point if you don’t fix the actual problem that’s making you yo-yo in the first place?

You yo-yo when you’re not clear on your goal. You yo-yo when you’re not clear WHY you workout. You yo-yo if your goal is crap. Losing weight for an event is crap. Great short term, but what’s the point in short term? You’re pretty much telling yourself that you don’t care about your health. That the second you get the event out of the way, you’re done. Why? Are you not happy at your ideal weight? Did you restrict yourself too much and lose weight the wrong way? When you deprive yourself, it’s not sustainable, so why do it?

Wouldn’t you love to consistently be a size 8/10/12/14? Keep the same clothes you have? Not have more that one wardrobe? Feel great all the time?

You can do this if you workout and eat well to feel good. For yourself. For your health. For your mood. To be around for your kids. To be around for your grandkids. To feel better.

Aren’t you sick of the same old roundabout?

Change the reason why you workout and stop the yo-yo 1

When you change the way you think about fitness/weight loss/exercise, it’ll change your life.

It’s actually really simple when you think about it the right way, and get the right help.

Jessica X