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5 Reasons Why you Should lift Weights If You’re A Woman

Are you noticing that as you get older it’s getting harder to lose weight? Do you find you’re getting away with less than you used to and you’re gaining weight around the middle? It’s

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6 Most Frequently Asked Women’s Health & Fitness Questions Answered

I thought I would put together a blog post answering the most frequent questions I have been asked down through the years. I hope it helps you. If you have any other questions, just put them in the comments

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The Six Biggest Challenges Women Face When It Comes To Their Fitness And Health

I’ve been working with women for the past 14 years now, and over that course of time you definitely notice patterns. The same issues come up, time and again, so what I want to do with this blog post,

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5 Things To Know about The Menopause And You

I want to discuss the changes that happen to your body during the Menopause and Perimenopause so you can continue to feel good in your clothes, have lots of energy and feel good, throughout this time and

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3 Reasons It’s Harder to Lose Weight With Age And 4 Things You Can Do About It

Have you noticed that as you get older, you gain weight easier and it becomes harder to get rid of it? Do you feel frustrated with your efforts and feel like you are going around in circles? Do you feel

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Why You Should Never Weigh Yourself Again

Are you sick and tired of letting your weight consume you every waking thought? Does it consume a lot of your thoughts? Do you feel really uncomfortable in your clothes? Do you spend a lot of your time

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How To Feel Good and Feel Great In Your Clothes, At Any Age.

I hear a lot, at the consultation phase from many women, that they feel they have the ‘middle age spread’, and they often ponder out loud, whether this is just a fact of getting older they

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8 Tips That Will Have You Feeling Good In Lockdown #3

Lockdown number 3 is here. January is always tough with the short evenings and the post-Christmas feeling. Add to that this lockdown, the kids being off school, what we are all experiencing and listening

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[Video] What Would Happen If You Stopped Dieting?

What would happen if you stopped dieting? Short three minute video on this! Jessica Cooke X

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