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How To Feel Good and Feel Great In Your Clothes, At Any Age.

I hear a lot, at the consultation phase from many women, that they feel they have the ‘middle age spread’, and they often ponder out loud, whether this is just a fact of getting older they

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8 Tips That Will Have You Feeling Good In Lockdown #3

Lockdown number 3 is here. January is always tough with the short evenings and the post-Christmas feeling. Add to that this lockdown, the kids being off school, what we are all experiencing and listening

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[Video] What Would Happen If You Stopped Dieting?

What would happen if you stopped dieting? Short three minute video on this! Jessica Cooke X

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What Diets Work, What Diets Don’t and Why

Any diets that make you cut out food groups don’t work. And remember if something isn’t long lasting, it hasn’t worked. So if you’ve dropped 3 stone, but gained it again quite quickly,

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(Video) Get off the weighing scales and live your life with passion!

Get off the weighing scales and live your life! A short video on why striving to be fit and healthy will leave you feeling so good, fitting well in your clothes, and enable you to get on with your life!

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27 Tips to Help You Lose Weight In This Pandemic

Weight gain has become more of an issue now than ever, with more people moving less. With more stress, anxiety and fear brings more comfort eating. Working from home, being close to the fridge and the

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5 Reasons To Workout That Are Nothing To Do With Weight Loss

If exercise wasn’t so closely tied to weight loss all the time, it’d be a lot more enjoyable and a lot more fun for people. Sometimes, it’s all about how you view something. Did you ever

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