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6 Most Frequently Asked Women’s Health & Fitness Questions Answered

I thought I would put together a blog post answering the most frequent questions I have been asked down through the years. I hope it helps you. If you have any other questions, just put them in the comments

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What Diets Work, What Diets Don’t and Why

Any diets that make you cut out food groups don’t work. And remember if something isn’t long lasting, it hasn’t worked. So if you’ve dropped 3 stone, but gained it again quite quickly,

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Simple Tips For Dealing With Sugar Cravings

OK so straight up my goal is never to be skinny, it’s to feel good and fit well in my clothes. I love feeling fit and healthy! I love it so much, it’s my favourite feeling in the world. I love

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Discover How To Stay In Shape, In Control and Feeling Good Over Christmas (and still take time off to do what you want!)

People on average gain 7lbs at Christmas. That’s absolutely fine if you’ve been feeling in control all year, and you are able to bounce back quick, but for so many women I know, this feels

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Healthy Dinner Recipe: #FEELGOOD Chicken Teriyaki

When I was three stone overweight, I didn’t know any healthy recipes or how to cook. I didn’t  know how to take care of myself properly. I’d be happy with a sandwich that I’d

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Healthy Dinner Recipes: Tasty Tuna Burgers!

I love tuna. Fresh, tinned, whatever ways it’s served, I can’t get enough of it. I find it so easy to have as a snack too. It fills me up, it’s simple to eat, and with a banana (not together

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Simple Healthy Dinner Recipes: Broccoli Fritters

This dinner recipe is so quick and easy and one from my library of healthy dinner recipes that I keep close to hand, so I don’t get caught out. I know you’re all so busy juggling your careers,

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How late night snacking is stopping you from getting results… and worse!

That’s me to the right, desperately struggling, so self-conscious, I was wearing a scarf in summer when it was so hot. I was working out every week, and eating well during the day, but when I got

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Why counting calories and points will always lead to failure (5 simple ways to start eating healthier right now!)

I remember back when I was a teenage, going through a phase of counting calories. Thank God it didn’t last. It was so depressing and it never made sense to me. Healthy food seeming unhealthy i.e.

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5 Great Fitness Tips for Every Woman Over 50

Getting in shape can be quite challenging at the best of times, but once your metabolism starts to slow, and your muscle mass decrease, it can be even harder. Not knowing the right things to do for weight

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