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Healthy Apple Bread: No Added Sugar

This apple bread is one of the nicest breads and desserts I’ve ever tasted! I’ve had it on it’s own, with butter, and with custard. It is GORGEOUS. I highly recommend you make it and

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Quick Carrot and Walnut Bread: No added Sugar

This bread is gorgeous. I only share with you recipes we have tried ourselves and we love! Gorgeous warm with butter and a cup of tea. Simple to make, healthy, no added sugar, let me know how you get on, Jessica

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Healthy, Tasty, Blueberry Bread with no added sugar.

This is gorgeous. Blueberry bread with no added sugar. I love baking when I don’t have to pour loads of sugar into in. Healthy ingredients and this bread won’t leave you feeling sluggish, with

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Simple Spelt Bread Recipe

Lockdown has made me fall in love with homemade bread. This spelt bread recipe is gorgeous, we’ve mad it in our house lots of times. Let me know how you get on. Jessica Cooke. A gorgeous spelt bread

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Beans on Toast (a healthy, delicious version)!

This is an absolutely delicious lunch, and so healthy. Myself and my husband Joe, didn’t add any meat with this, we just had it as is, and it was really gorgeous. Highly recommend this for something

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Healthy Banana Pancakes

These pancakes work great for breakfast or as a snack. They’re a great combination of protein and carbohydrates. They’re really tasty too, I hope you enjoy them, Jessica Cooke. Ingredients: 1

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Banana & Blueberry Muffins

These banana and blueberry muffins are another gorgeous sugar free snack/treat to make. The only problem with these is that you want to eat them all once cooked. They’re delicious, really tasty and

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Oatmeal, Spelt & Honey Scones

These scones have no added sugar, and perfect if you want to get rid of all processed food from your diet. They are seriously delicious, I was so surprised! They tasted just as good, if not nicer, than

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Yogurt and Herb Flatbreads

I love this type of stuff. Things you can make sandwiches with, and it’s a bonus that it’s healthy and you’re not eating loads of sugar! I hope you enjoy these, you can make these for

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Potato and Greens Salad

This is a really tasty healthy salad that goes great with BBQ’s or as a side at a dinner party. It’s also is great on it’s own for lunch. The peas and vinaigrette base gives you a lighter

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