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Control The Controllables

When things feel like they’re out of control and you don’t feel grounded, the most natural feeling the world can be to stop any sort of routine you have. But that really is the WORSE thing

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#FEELGOOD FOCUS #8 Taking Care Of Yourself Through A Stressful Time

When you’re going through a really stressful period in your life, it can be really tempting to give up on the things that help you #feelgood. The problem with this is that it only makes things worse. Here’s

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7 Habits That Will Get You Fit And Healthy

Slow and steady changes are always best when it comes to changing your lifestyle. Getting consistent with the things you’re doing right, and not over whelming yourself at the start is really important.

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Uncover the bad habits that are holding you back and start to #FEELGOOD again.

You get to grow and progress when you ask yourself good questions. If you tell yourself you’re unfit and lazy, there’s no room for growth. If you ask yourself  ‘What is it that’s

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5 Warning signs that you are mentally exhausted and 3 simple steps to follow to #FEELGOOD.

It’s not very healthy to be so super busy, and to be juggling 1001 things, but this is the reality of life for many women. While it can feel for a while that you’re super woman, and you’ve

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How late night snacking is stopping you from getting results… and worse!

That’s me to the right, desperately struggling, so self-conscious, I was wearing a scarf in summer when it was so hot. I was working out every week, and eating well during the day, but when I got

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How to take back control of your life, when every day feels like a daily grind

We’re not here to go through the motions day in and day out. We’re not machines and if we don’t nurture our souls, we can become depressed, anxious, and a host of other bad feelings start

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Struggling to fit into your clothes? Keep it super simple (follow these three really simple tips)!

I know deep down, you know you could write the book on fitness and nutrition. But we’re funny creatures, sometimes when we don’t want to face the actual problem that we may have, we tend to

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Why focusing on your daily rituals instead of your results, will actually get you the most terrific results yet!

You know what really bothers me about the weight loss industry, like WW and Slimming world? They fuel the obsession with weight and food. So rather than fixing yourself, and working on why you may be over-eating,

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