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Overstressed and Overeating: Tips To Fix This

Overeating is extremely annoying, especially when you’ve everything else under control.  You know the overeating type where you’re good during the day, you may even workout but the night time

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How To Get Motivated To Exercise

If you wait to feel motivated to do something, it can really hinder the type of life you’re after or the results you want. Many women I meet at the consultation phase before they start with us, often

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The Mid-Life Health Checklist

Getting older can be a pain in the ass. Your muscles mass decreases, your metabolism decreases. You can find it harder to lose weight. Fat accumulates around your middle. Your bones can get weaker. Your

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Simple Tips to Help You Stay Consistent and On Track (even when you don’t feel like it)

One of the biggest issues many women face when losing weight, getting fit or maintaining what they have, is staying consistent. I don’t know anyone that hasn’t yoyo-ed up and down a little

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How to Take Back Control, Step By Step, When You Don’t Feel In Control.

Things are pretty grim right now. It’s a time of great uncertainty, that none of us have been through before. On a very simple level, I know many people find getting fit and healthy, and staying

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#FEELGOOD FOCUS #7 7 Habits To Get You Fit And Healthy

Slow and steady changes are always best when it comes to changing your lifestyle. Here’s a short 2 minute video on this. I hope it helps, Jessica Cooke

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How to Feel Fit, Healthy and Happy, Without It Involving Too Much Work.

The ultimate gripe for me, and the one I’m trying to fix, is the over-complication when it comes to weight loss and getting fit. The weight loss industry, magazines and so many clubs, are selling

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Discover How To Super Charge Your Energy At Any Age

You can start at any time, and it doesn’t matter how many times you’ve tried in the past. It’s never too late to change your lifestyle. You’re only ever a few days away from detoxing

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January: The Perfect Time To Set A Great Foundation For The Year Ahead

We’ve two week to go in January, and you know, it’s just such a lovely month to get back on track with everything again. It’s long and it’s quiet, which is the perfect time to get

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Discover How To Stay In Shape, In Control and Feeling Good Over Christmas (and still take time off to do what you want!)

People on average gain 7lbs at Christmas. That’s absolutely fine if you’ve been feeling in control all year, and you are able to bounce back quick, but for so many women I know, this feels

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