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How To Go From Feeling Bad, To Feeling Good, During Lockdown #3

When I first closed down the gym way back in March, I admit I spent the first 6 nights drinking. I had an excuse to, and I thought I would seek comfort from the alcohol and the drunken chats you have that

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8 Tips That Will Have You Feeling Good In Lockdown #3

Lockdown number 3 is here. January is always tough with the short evenings and the post-Christmas feeling. Add to that this lockdown, the kids being off school, what we are all experiencing and listening

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Your Top 5 Tips to #FEELGOOD Over The Christmas Period.

If it’s important to you to feel good over Christmas, I’ve come up with 5 tips that will help you feel good as much as you can throughout this period. Christmas is a time when we get out of

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(Video) Why focusing on your Wins will help you gain momentum and lead you to success!

I hope you enjoy this short video on why focusing on your wins is so important. For me and my clients, it was a game-changer. What you focus on, you get! Jessica Cooke X

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(Video) Get off the weighing scales and live your life with passion!

Get off the weighing scales and live your life! A short video on why striving to be fit and healthy will leave you feeling so good, fitting well in your clothes, and enable you to get on with your life!

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How To Create Lasting Change

Becoming who you want to become, and living your life the way you want to is tough at the beginning, but easier as you get used to it. Change is tough, and changing your behaviour and actions is tough,

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My Top Exercise Recommendations If You Want Results (FYI Brilliant, Happy Results)

First up let me explain what results mean to me and my clients. Feeling good in your clothes, feeling fit, healthy, happy and in control. Having strong muscles and healthy bones. Feeling good, in a healthy

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Feeling Pulled In Every Direction? Anchor Yourself With A Few Key Healthy Habits.

Feeling torn  and pulled in every direction is a very stressful way to feel in your days and weeks. With all the debate in the news, new restrictions, and the different ways you’re feeling pressure

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5 Steps To Consistency.

I’ve learned over the years that nothing beats consistency and repetition of the simple stuff. It is the actual formula to success in anything that you do, if you know what simple stuff works. It’s

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How To Get Into A Healthy Routine

Getting into a healthy routine is really important on so many levels. It has an effect on how you feel, how you fit in your clothes, your physical health and your mental health. The problem I find with

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