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The REAL reason I started Inspire Fitness (I’ve never told anyone this before…)

I’m nervous about sharing some of this with you… really nervous.But something tells me it’s time.And something else tells me I NEED to share this.I’ve learned enough now to know that a lot of people

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How to regain your fitness (and super charge your energy!), after having kids (the simplest way that will actually get you terrific results)

Jeez I do not want what happened to me, happen to you. That photo on the right represents to me, at a very low time in my life. Not the lowest, but close to it. I moved house, and moved the  location

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How to get rid of negative thought patterns (and stop being so hard on yourself!) You’ll suddenly start to feel so much better!

Whether we hit our life goals or not, all comes down to our belief system. We get our belief system from our childhood, the things we were taught, the things that were told to us, and what we witnessed,

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How To Quit Counting Calories (and Years Of Frustration!), and Start Getting Brilliant Results!

The only thing that counting calories does for you is, is keep you focused on food, therefore, you don’t have to actually think about what the real problem may be. Being obsessed with calories or

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Discover how to regain your fitness, (and get back to being superwoman,) without having to spend hours on the boring treadmill

Have you given your blood sweat and tears to everyone else but yourself? Do you feel like a shell of a person, that’s let yourself go, in ways you thought would never happen?  We all thought that

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How to get your confidence back in one simple easy step. (It’s never too late, you can start this NOW)

There are so many things that knocks a womans confidence. Having kids, gaining weight, going through the menopause, ageing, divorce, kids leaving the house. It's hard to go through life without something

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10 Symptoms you may experience when menopause starts

When you feel out of control, it’s a horrible feeling. Your body changes when you start and go through the menopause for lots of reasons. Hormone changes, a decline in muscle mass, bone density,

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5 Great Fitness Tips for Every Woman Over 50

Getting in shape can be quite challenging at the best of times, but once your metabolism starts to slow, and your muscle mass decrease, it can be even harder. Not knowing the right things to do for weight

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How to get fit and healthy, without having to diet, or spend hours at the gym.

How do you get fit when life is so busy, and you’re already feeling stressed about everything you have to do? Do you start pounding the pavements every day? Do you start to diet and restrict your

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Why can’t I get motivated?

Ever happen to you where you’re all gung-ho…”this time, I’m going to lose weight/get fit, and keep it off for good! ” And then after a few weeks, the novelty wears off and

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