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5 Warning signs that you are mentally exhausted and 3 simple steps to follow to #FEELGOOD.

It’s not very healthy to be so super busy, and to be juggling 1001 things, but this is the reality of life for many women. While it can feel for a while that you’re super woman, and you’ve

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Banana & Oat Pancakes, A Perfect Healthy Snack

I absolutely love routine, and I tend to eat similar things through the week. I love eggs for breakfast and I don’t think I’ll ever change that. What I love about this recipe is that not only

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How to Feel Fabulous at 50. The Simple strategies most don’t know

Feeling good is really important to your mental health. Getting older can be a scary road to navigate. There are lots of changes going on in your life, with your body, and you’re stuck with a choice.

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10 Signs You’re Being Too Hard On Yourself, and How To Stop

I used to think being hard on yourself, meant that you kept yourself in check. You have an inner guide that keeps you on the straight and narrow…. until I found out that being hard on yourself only

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How to Improve your Mental Health, (without meditating), Using These Three simple steps.

Meditation is great for your mental health, but sometimes, no matter how many times you say it, you don’t end up doing it. I’ve downloaded all the apps, gotten up early to sit in a quiet room,

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Healthy Dinner Recipe: #FEELGOOD Chicken Teriyaki

When I was three stone overweight, I didn’t know any healthy recipes or how to cook. I didn’t  know how to take care of myself properly. I’d be happy with a sandwich that I’d

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Healthy Dinner Recipes: Tasty Tuna Burgers!

I love tuna. Fresh, tinned, whatever ways it’s served, I can’t get enough of it. I find it so easy to have as a snack too. It fills me up, it’s simple to eat, and with a banana (not together

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Simple Healthy Dinner Recipes: Broccoli Fritters

This dinner recipe is so quick and easy and one from my library of healthy dinner recipes that I keep close to hand, so I don’t get caught out. I know you’re all so busy juggling your careers,

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How to recover the #FEELGOOD you after a few tough years.

Life is different for all of us, but the same in the sense that we all go through highs and lows. The lows can be horrendous and can come about through divorce, poor mental health, addiction, death, illness,

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Why dieting, counting calories and points, is killing your success

Counting calories used to a way of life for me. Tot up your calories as you go about your day. Get to the end of a long day, sit on the couch, eat some biscuits, count the calories on the back of the packet,

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