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The Best Thing You Can Focus On Right Now To Help You #FEELGOOD

I’ve always been against counting calories, dieting, counting points and syns. I really believe it ‘s the most negative way possible to be healthy. You keep track day in day out, with no let

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Focus On What You Can Control And Fight Against Old Habits Creeping Back In.

In very stressful periods and troubling times, sometimes we can revert back to old bad habits and the old ways we used to cope with things. It’s normal and it’s just us going into our default

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#FEELGOOD FOCUS #8 Taking Care Of Yourself Through A Stressful Time

When you’re going through a really stressful period in your life, it can be really tempting to give up on the things that help you #feelgood. The problem with this is that it only makes things worse. Here’s

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7 Habits That Will Get You Fit And Healthy

Slow and steady changes are always best when it comes to changing your lifestyle. Getting consistent with the things you’re doing right, and not over whelming yourself at the start is really important.

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#FEELGOOD FOCUS #7 7 Habits To Get You Fit And Healthy

Slow and steady changes are always best when it comes to changing your lifestyle. Here’s a short 2 minute video on this. I hope it helps, Jessica Cooke

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Want To Fit Great In Your Clothes? Discover How With Three Simple Steps

One of the biggest triggers for many of our clients to initially make contact with us, is that they aren’t fitting great in their clothes, which is affecting other areas in their life. It’s

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#FEELGOOD Focus #6 Want To Fit great in your clothes? Discover How With 3 simple steps

Not fitting into your clothes is one of the top reasons, many of our clients start with us. Here’s a few simple tips that will help with that, and get you feeling great in your clothes again. To

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How to Feel Fit, Healthy and Happy, Without It Involving Too Much Work.

The ultimate gripe for me, and the one I’m trying to fix, is the over-complication when it comes to weight loss and getting fit. The weight loss industry, magazines and so many clubs, are selling

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#FEELGOOD Focus #5 Your Simple Route To Feeling Good

Getting fit and healthy is completely achievable, once you don’t over-complicate it. Here’s a short 2 minute video on this. To your success, Jessica Cooke

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Discover The ONE Thing To (Successfully) Achieve Your Goals.

The only thing you have to do is not quit. If you don’t quit, you’ll eventually win. And that’s the secret. Successful people plough on, take their losses on the chin and keep going.

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