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My Top 5 Tips To Staying Healthy and Feeling Good

Do you struggle with consistency? Do you to-yo often? Does your weight go up and down the whole time? Do you have great weeks and terrible weeks? Do you describe yourself as ‘all or nothing?’

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Why You Should Never Weigh Yourself Again

Are you sick and tired of letting your weight consume you every waking thought? Does it consume a lot of your thoughts? Do you feel really uncomfortable in your clothes? Do you spend a lot of your time

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How To Reduce Stress And Anxiety When You’re feeling uncertain

This is very tough, some say tougher than Lockdown 1, I definitely agree with that. It is isolating and stressful and we’re all affected. I wanted to put together some tips that will help you keep

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How To Find & Keep The Discipline to Workout

Which is better? To get fit, feel good in your clothes and have good mental health consistently, or to spend 4 months/6 months getting fit and feeling good in your clothes, only to stop when you get there? This

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How To Improve Your Work Life Balance and Feel Better Every Day (not just at weekends)

Are you feeling more cranky than normal these days? Lockdown#3 is very tough. There’s so much pressure from every angle. Whether you’re home schooling, working from home, taking care of people,

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How To Feel Good and Feel Great In Your Clothes, At Any Age.

I hear a lot, at the consultation phase from many women, that they feel they have the ‘middle age spread’, and they often ponder out loud, whether this is just a fact of getting older they

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How To Go From Feeling Bad, To Feeling Good, During Lockdown #3

When I first closed down the gym way back in March, I admit I spent the first 6 nights drinking. I had an excuse to, and I thought I would seek comfort from the alcohol and the drunken chats you have that

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8 Tips That Will Have You Feeling Good In Lockdown #3

Lockdown number 3 is here. January is always tough with the short evenings and the post-Christmas feeling. Add to that this lockdown, the kids being off school, what we are all experiencing and listening

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